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DRIFT Records club: claim your discount on this month’s new records by Jockstrap, Björk and more

For our subscribers – 10% off some of our favourite records from the last 30 days

We’ve just added 10 new excellent albums to the Loud And Quiet Collection at DRIFT Records, which you, as an L&Q subscriber, are entitled to a 10% discount on when you use the code below at the checkout.

It’s a hell of a collections this month, featuring Björk, Jockstrap, Oliver Sim and more.

The code will be valid until the end of October, when it will be updated along with 10 new albums released this month.

Visit the collection here and claim your discount with this code: DFT1000C7L8Q

In the collection this month:

Alex GGod Save The Animals

Beth Orton – Weather Alive


Gabe GurnseyDiablo

Jockstrap I Love You Jennifer B

Oliver SimHideous Bastard

Rina SawayamaHold the Girl

The BethsExpert In A Dying Field


Yeah Yeah YeahsCool It Down