April finally gave us a few things to feel good about

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The weather’s getting warmer, society is beginning to reopen, and the European Super League was an embarrassing folly that fell apart as quickly as it had arrived – April finally gave us a few things to feel good about. God knows how long that’ll last, and how much we’ll regret allowing ourselves a little hope when everything goes to shit again, but you take your victories where you can these days.

Happily, the excellent music just keeps coming. Here’s the best stuff we’ve heard this month – enjoy digging in, and if you can, do cough up for a record or two to help keep these artists in business through these still-lean times for the music industry.

Artist: Iglooghost
Title: Lei Line Eon
Label: Gloo
What is it? Another genre-melting odyssey from leftfield producer Iglooghost; its blend of delicate pianos, faux-naif vocals and kinetic electronica ensure he remains a singular talent.
L&Q says: “Its expansive quality and quiet spirituality show him as not just a great storyteller, but a new kind of myth maker.”

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Artist: Alfa Mist
Title: Bring Backs
Label: Anti
What is it? An inclusive, multifaceted jazz record as influenced by Alfa Mist’s family and background as his musical favourites.
L&Q says: “Its complementary textures strike a balance between serenity and frenzy, enhancing the pace at which the arrangement develops and subsequently envelops the audience”

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Artist: Du Blonde
Title: Homecoming
Label: Daemon T.V./Singing Light Music
What is it? A rollicking work of rock songcraft from Beth Jeans Houghton that’ll make you feel like a teenager again.
L&Q says:Homecoming made me feel excited about listening to new music again, as opposed to burying my head in the reliable security blanket of old, beloved records from my past.”

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Artist: Fred Again..
Title: Actual Life (April 14 – December 17 2020)
Label: Again..
What is it? A deceptively emotional, affecting piece of work from the hotshot pop producer.
L&Q says: “Little in Fred’s work producing for Ed Sheeran would have predicted such emotional depth… It is, in the most literal sense, art imitating life.”

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Artist: Maxwell Sterling
Title: Turn of Phrase
Label: AD 93
What is it? Intricate, baroque electronic soundscapes from the maverick composer and double bassist.
L&Q says: “Like an ancient manuscript, its finer details may reveal themselves.”

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Artist: Girl In Red
Title: If I Could Make It Go Quiet
Label: AWAL
What is it? A perfectly-crafted record of angsty, funny, existentialist pop-rock that marks out Girl In Red (aka Marie Ulven) out as a potential voice of her generation.
L&Q says: “The first step towards a great future for a songwriter unafraid to make pop-rock music in a post-human era

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Artist: Veik
Title: Surrounding Structures
Label: Fuzz Club
What is it? No wave, noise, krautrock, post-punk and more combine on one impressively caustic debut album. From France!
L&Q says:Alluring in its hulking shape, it’s reminiscent of the original kraut and no wave era, but has a steady foundation in the present.”

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Artist: Ya Tseen
Title: Indian Yard
Label: Sub Pop
What is it? Psych-pop, experimental hip hop and more collide on a potent call-to-arms for Indigenous Alaskan liberation.
L&Q says:Indian Yard is every bit as multi-layered and multi-faceted a listen as Galanin’s artistic take on the world promised.”

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Artist: DijahSB
Title: Head Above The Waters
Label: DijahSB/AWAL
What is it? A short, sharp hip hop record from a super-smart new voice.
L&Q says: “A taste of what could be to come from DijahSB, an artist with the heart and talent to become a true star.”

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Artist: Leon Vynehall
Title: Rare, Forever
Label: Ninja Tune
What is it? The British producer continues to stretch deep house to breaking point in fascinating ways.
L&Q says: “An all-consuming record that is recommended listening for deep house fans and non-fans alike.”

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